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Conference Proceedings

Shukla, AK and Banerjee, A and Jalajakshi, A and Ravikumar, MK (2013) 12 V / kilo-Farad Range Lead-Carbon Hybrid Ultracapacitors and Their Envisaged Applications. In: ECS 3D Symposium on Corrosion, Passivity, and Energy - In Honor of Digby D. Macdonald, OCT 07-12, 2012, Honolulu, HI, pp. 367-376.

Conference Paper

Banerjee, A and Ravikumar, MK and Jalajakshi, A and Gaffoor, SA and Shukla, AK (2012) A 12 V Substrate-Integrated PbO2-Activated Carbon Asymmetric Hybrid Ultracapacitor with Silica-Gel-Based Inorganic-Polymer Electrolyte. In: Symposium on Lead-Acid Batteries and Capacitors, New Designs, and New Applications held during the 220th Meeting of the Electrochemical-Society (ECS), , OCT 09-14, 2011, Boston, MA, , pp. 101-113.

Banerjee, A and Matthews, LD and Jog, CJ (2009) Dark Matter Halo Properties as Deduced from the Observed H I Scale Height Data, in The Low-Frequency Radio Universe. In: Proceedings of the conference ASP Conference Series, Dec. 8-12, 2009, NCRA, TIFR, Pune.

Journal Article

Banerjee, A and Shukla, AK (2015) Performance comparison for 12 V lead-carbon hybrid ultracapacitors with substrate-integrated and conventional pasted positive plates. In: IONICS, 21 (1). pp. 201-212.

Banerjee, A and Srinivasan, R and Shukla, AK (2014) Design of substrate-integrated lead-carbon hybrid ultracapacitor and experimental validation. In: ECS Electrochemistry Letters, 3 (1). A1-A3.

Banerjee, A and Chatterjee, K and Madras, G (2014) Enzymatic degradation of polymers: a brief review. In: MATERIALS SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, 30 (5). pp. 567-573.

Banerjee, A and Saha, D and Row, Guru TN and Shukla, AK (2013) A soluble-lead redox flow battery with corrugated graphite sheet and reticulated vitreous carbon as positive and negative current collectors. In: Bulletin of Materials Science, 36 (1). pp. 163-170.

Banerjee, A and Kumar, Suresh P and Shukla, AK (2013) Influence of binder solvent on carbon-layer structure in electrical-double-layer capacitors. In: JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL SCIENCES, 125 (5). pp. 1177-1183.

Banerjee, A and Ravikumar, MK and Jalajakshi, A and Kumar, Suresh P and Gaffoor, SA and Shukla, AK (2012) Substrate integrated Lead-Carbon hybrid ultracapacitor with flooded, absorbent glass mat and silica-gel electrolyte configurations. In: Journal of Chemical Sciences, 124 (4). pp. 747-762.

Shukla, AK and Banerjee, A and Ravikumar, MK and Jalajakshi, A (2012) Electrochemical capacitors: Technical challenges and prognosis for future markets. In: ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA, 84 (SI). pp. 165-173.

Pramanik, AK and Ranjan, Rajeev and Banerjee, A (2012) Evolution of structural phase coexistence in a half doped manganite Pr0.5Sr0.5MnO3: An evidence for magneto-structural coupling. In: JOURNAL OF MAGNETISM AND MAGNETIC MATERIALS, 325 . pp. 29-35.

Ray, S and Middey, S and Jana, S and Banerjee, A and Sanyal, P and Rawat, R and Gregoratti, L and Sarma, DD (2011) Origin of the unconventional magnetoresistance in Sr(2)FeMoO6(6). In: EPL: Europhysics Letters, 94 (4).

Chattopadhyay, T and Mukherjee, M and Mondal, A and Maiti, P and Banerjee, A and Banu, KS and Bhattacharya, S and Roy, B and Chattopadhyay, DJ and Mondal, TK and Nethaji, M and Zangrando, E and Das, D (2010) A Unique Nickel System having Versatile Catalytic Activity of Biological Significance. In: Inorganic Chemistry, 49 (7). pp. 3121-3129.

Bhat, SD and Sahu, AK and Jalajakshi, A and Pitchumani, S and Sridhar, P and George, C and Banerjee, A and Chandrakumar, N and Shukla, AK (2010) PVA-SSA-HPA Mixed-Matrix-Membrane Electrolytes for DMFCs. In: Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 157 (10). B1403-B1412.

Ravikumar, MK and Niranjana, E and Sundar Rajan, A and Banerjee, A and Gaffoor, SA and Shukla, AK (2009) Electrical-energy storage in hybrid ultracapacitors. In: Journal of the Indian Institute of Science, 89 (4). pp. 455-463.

Sahu, AK and Selvarani, G and Bhat, SD and Pitchumani, S and Sridhar, P and Shukla, AK and Narayanan, N and Banerjee, A and Chandrakumar, N (2008) Effect of varying poly(styrene sulfonic acid) content in poly(vinyl alcohol)–poly(styrene sulfonic acid) blend membrane and its ramification in hydrogen–oxygen polymer electrolyte fuel cells. In: Journal of Membrane Science, 319 (1-2). pp. 298-305.

Sahu, AK and Selvarani, G and Pitchumani, S and Sridhar, P and Shukla, AK and Narayanan, N and Banerjee, A and Chandrakumar, N (2008) PVA-PSSA Membrane with Interpenetrating Networks and its Methanol Crossover Mitigating Effect in DMFCs. In: Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 155 (7). B686-B695.

Banerjee, A and Das, D and Natarajan, V (2004) Absolute frequency measurements of the $D_1$ lines in $^{39}K, ^{85}Rb,$ and $^{87}Rb$ with $\sim$ 0.1 ppb uncertainty. In: Europhysics Letters, 65 (2). pp. 172-178.

Banerjee, A and Rapol, UD and Das, D and Krishna, A and Natarajan, V (2003) Precise measurements of UV atomic lines: Hyperfine structure and isotope shifts in the 398.8 $\un{nm}$ line of $\chem{Yb}$. In: Europhysics Letters, 63 (3). pp. 340-346.

Datta, S and Shamala, N and Banerjee, A and Balaram, P (1997) Hydrogen bonding in peptide helices - Analysis of two independent helices in the crystal structure of a peptide Boc-Val-Ala-Leu-Aib-Val-Ala-Phe-OMe. In: Journal Of Peptide Research, 49 (6). pp. 604-611.

Editorials/Short Communications

Banerjee, A and Ghatak, S and Sikdar, S (2013) Lactate increases trek channel activity in CA1 stratum radiatum astrocytes. In: Glia, 61 (1). S127-S127.

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