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Conference Proceedings

Kumari, Kiran and Brajesh, Kumar and Kumar, Amit and Sharma, Seema and Shamim, Md Kashif (2017) Study on Multiferroic Properties of Lead Titanate Based Ceramic. In: International Conference on Multifunctional Materials for Device Applications (ICMDA), OCT 26-28, 2016, Patna, INDIA, pp. 5625-5630.

Journal Article

Akbarzadeh, Alireza and Brajesh, Kumar and Nahas, Yousra and Kumar, Naveen and Prokhorenko, Sergei and Swain, Diptikanta and Prosandeev, Sergey and Walter, Raymond and Kornev, Igor and Iniguez, Jorge and Dkhil, Brahim and Ranjan, Rajeev and Bellaiche, L (2018) Quantum-fluctuation-stabilized orthorhombic ferroelectric ground state in lead-free piezoelectric (Ba, Ca)(Zr, Ti)O-3. In: PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 98 (10).

Abebe, Mulualem and Brajesh, Kumar and Malhotra, Jaskaran Singh and Ranjan, Rajeev (2018) Rayleigh analysis of domain dynamics across temperature induced polymorphic phase transitions in lead-free piezoceramics (1-&ITx&IT)(BaTi0.88Sn0.12)-&ITx&IT(Ba0.7Ca0.3)TiO3. In: JOURNAL OF PHYSICS D-APPLIED PHYSICS, 51 (18).

Topolov, VitalyYu and Kalyani, Ajay Kumar and Brajesh, Kumar and Ranjan, Rajeev and Panich, Anatoly E (2017) Comparative study on heterophase structures in ferroelectric solid solutions based on barium titanate. In: CRYSTAL RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY, 52 (4).

Abebe, Mulualem and Brajesh, Kumar and Ranjan, Rajeev (2017) Correlation between structure and Rayleigh parameters in the lead-free piezoceramic (1-x)Ba(Ti0.88Sn0.12)O-3-x(Ba0.7Ca0.3)TiO3. In: JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, 122 (3).

Topolov, Vitaly Yu and Brajesh, Kumar and Ranjan, Rajeev and Panich, Anatoly E (2017) Plausible domain configurations and phase contents in two- and three-phase BaTiO3-based lead-free ferroelectrics. In: JOURNAL OF PHYSICS D-APPLIED PHYSICS, 50 (6).

Kaur, Ramanpreet and Swain, Diptikanta and Dutta, Dipak and Brajesh, Kumar and Singh, Priyank and Bhattacharyya, Aninda J and Ranjan, Rajeev and Narayana, Chandrabhas and Hulliger, Jurg and Row, Tayur N Guru (2017) Proton Conduction in a Quaternary Organic Salt: Its Phase Behavior and Related Spectroscopic Studies. In: JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C, 121 (34). pp. 18317-18325.

Abebe, Mulualem and Brajesh, Kumar and Mishra, Anupam and Senyshyn, Anatoliy and Ranjan, Rajeev (2017) Structural perspective on the anomalous weak-field piezoelectric response at the polymorphic phase boundaries of (Ba, Ca)(Ti, M)O-3 lead-free piezoelectrics (M = Zr, Sn, Hf). In: PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 96 (1).

Topolov, Vitaly Yu and Brajesh, Kumar and Ranjan, Rajeev (2016) Composition driven ferroelectric transformations in lead-free Ba(Ti1-xCex)O-3 (0.02 <= x <= 0.10). In: MATERIALS CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS, 179 . pp. 152-159.

Gaur, Anupama and Shukla, Rahul and Brajesh, Kumar and Pal, Arkadeb and Chatterji, Sandeep and Ranjan, Rajeev and Maiti, Pralay (2016) Processing and nanoclay induced piezoelectricity in poly(vinylidene fluoride-co-hexafluoro propylene) nanohybrid for device application. In: POLYMER, 97 . pp. 362-369.

Brajesh, Kumar and Tanwar, Khagesh and Abebe, Mulualem and Ranjan, Rajeev (2016) Relaxor ferroelectricity and electric-field-driven structural transformation in the giant lead-free piezoelectric (Ba,Ca)(Ti, Zr)O-3. In: PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 92 (22).

Brajesh, Kumar and Abebe, Mulualem and Ranjan, Rajeev (2016) Structural transformations in morphotropic-phase-boundary composition of the lead-free piezoelectric system Ba(Ti0.8Zr0.2)O-3 - (Ba0.7Ca0.3) TiO3. In: PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 94 (10).

Brajesh, Kumar and Kalyani, Ajay Kumar and Ranjan, Rajeev (2015) Ferroelectric instabilities and enhanced piezoelectric response in Ce modified BaTiO3 lead-free ceramics. In: APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, 106 (1).

Brajesh, Kumar and Kumar, Pritam and Himanshu, AK and Ranjan, Rajeev and Bandyopadhayay, SK and Sinha, TP and Singh, NK (2014) Dielectric relaxation, phase transition and Rietveld studies of perovskite Pb0.94Sr0.06](Mn1/3Sb2/3)(0.05)(Zr0.52Ti0.48)(0.95)]O-3 ceramics. In: JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS, 589 . pp. 443-447.

Kothai, V and Narayan, Bastola and Brajesh, Kumar and Kaushik, SD and Siruguri, V and Ranjan, Rajeev (2014) Ferroelectric phase coexistence by crystallite size reduction in BiFeO3-PbTiO3. In: PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 90 (15).

Kalyani, Ajay Kumar and Brajesh, Kumar and Senyshyn, Anatoliy and Ranjan, Rajeev (2014) Orthorhombic-tetragonal phase coexistence and enhanced piezo-response at room temperature in Zr, Sn, and Hf modified BaTiO3. In: APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, 104 (25).

Brajesh, Kumar and Himanshu, AK and Sharma, Himanshu and Kumari, Kiran and Ranjan, Rajeev and Bandhopadhyay, SK and Sinha, TP (2012) Structural, dielectric relaxation and piezoelectric characterization of Sr2+ substituted modified PMS-PZT ceramic. In: Physica B: Condensed Matter, 407 (4). pp. 635-641.

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