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Journal Article

Anbu, Sellamuthu and Kamalraj, Subban and Paul, Anup and Jayabaskaran, Chelliah and Pombeiro, Armando JL (2015) The phenanthroimidazole-based dizinc(II) complex as a fluorescent probe for the pyrophosphate ion as generated in polymerase chain reactions and pyrosequencing. In: DALTON TRANSACTIONS, 44 (9). pp. 3930-3933.

Kusari, Souvik and Singh, Satpal and Jayabaskaran, Chelliah (2014) Biotechnological potential of plant-associated endophytic fungi:hope versus hype. In: TRENDS IN BIOTECHNOLOGY, 32 (6). pp. 297-303.

Kusari, Souvik and Singh, Satpal and Jayabaskaran, Chelliah (2014) Rethinking production of Taxol (R) (paclitaxel) using endophyte biotechnology. In: TRENDS IN BIOTECHNOLOGY, 32 (6). pp. 304-311.

Chakravarthi, Balabhadrapatruni VSK and Sujay, Ramanathan and Kuriakose, Gini C and Karande, Anjali A and Jayabaskaran, Chelliah (2013) Inhibition of cancer cell proliferation and apoptosis-inducing activity of fungal taxol and its precursor baccatin III purified from endophytic Fusarium solani. In: Cancer Cell International, 13 . 105_1-105_11.

Anbu, Sellamuthu and Kamalraj, Subban and Jayabaskaran, Chelliah and Mukherjee, Partha Sarathi (2013) Naphthalene Carbohydrazone Based Dizinc(II) Chemosensor for a Pyrophosphate Ion and Its DNA Assessment Application in Polymerase Chain Reaction Products. In: INORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 52 (15). pp. 8294-8296.

Dixit, Ajay Kumar and Jayabaskaran, Chelliah (2012) Phospholipid Mediated Activation of Calcium Dependent Protein Kinase 1 (CaCDPK1) from Chickpea: A New Paradigm of Regulation. In: PLOS ONE, 7 (12).

Roy, Mithun and Chakravarthi, Balabhadrapatruni VSK and Jayabaskaran, Chelliah and Karande, Anjali A and Chakravarty, Akhil R (2011) Impact of metal binding on the antitumor activity and cellular imaging of a metal chelator cationic imidazopyridine derivative. In: 1477-9226 , 40 (18). pp. 4855-4864.

Chakravarthi, BVSK and Das, Prasanta and Surendranath, Kalpana and Karande, Anjali A and Jayabaskaran, Chelliah (2008) Production of paclitaxel by Fusarium solani isolated from Taxus celebica. In: Journal of Biosciences, 33 (2). pp. 259-267.

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Kumar, Suresh KG and Ullanat, Rajesh and Jayabaskaran, Chelliah (2004) Molecular cloning, characterization, tissue-specific and phytohormone-induced expression of calcium-dependent protein kinase gene in cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.). In: Journal of Plant Physiology, 161 (9). pp. 1061-1071.

Kumar, Suresh KG and Jayabaskaran, Chelliah (2004) Variations in the level of enzyme activity and immunolocalization of calcium-dependent protein kinases in the phloem of different cucumber organs. In: Journal of Plant Physiology, 161 (8). pp. 889-901.

Barwe, Sonali P and Sathiyabama, Muthukrishnan and Jayabaskaran, Chelliah (2001) Induction of chitinase activity by exogenous cytokinins in excised dark-grown cucumber cotyledons: involvement of $Ca^{2+}$ and staurosporine-sensitive protein kinase(s) in cytokinin signaling. In: Journal of Plant Physiology, 158 (1). pp. 1-7.

Barwe, Sonali P and Sathiyabam, Muthukrishnan and Jayabaskaran, Chelliah (2001) The requirements for Ca2+, protein phosphorylation and concurrent protein synthesis for zeatin signaling of acidic chitinase transcript accumulation in Cucumis sativus L. In: Journal of Plant Physiology, 158 (9). 1117 -1123.

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Senapathy, Peri and Jayabaskaran, Chelliah and Jacob, Mathai T (1985) Ptuirifcation of antibodies for the cytokinin $N^6-(\Delta^2$-isopenteny1) adenosine by affinity chromatography. In: Nucleic Acids Research, 13 (16). pp. 5833-5842.

Jayabaskaran, Chelliah and Hande, Shailaja (1967) Variations in the levels of aminoacylation and modified nucleotide content between total tRNAs from chloroplasts and etioplasts in cucumber cotyledons. In: Plant Growth Regulation, 16 (1). pp. 73-81.

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