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Conference Paper

Madan, R and Kolter, R and Mahadevan, S (2007) Studies on the role of the bgl operon of E.coli in stationary phase. In: Phenotypic and Developmental Plasticity, 2007.

Kachroo, AH and Mahadevan, S and Varshney, U and Singh, S (2006) Mutations in the transcriptional regulator ChbR that allow cellobiose utilization in E.coli. In: Tenth Transcription Assembly, December 2006, Kolkatta.

Journal Article

Shukla, Shambhavi and Mahadevan, S (2019) The ridA gene of E. coli is indirectly regulated by BglG through the transcriptional regulator Lrp in stationary phase. In: MICROBIOLOGY-SGM, 165 (6). pp. 683-696.

Bhaskarla, Chetana and Das, Mrinmoy and Verma, Taru and Kumar, Anujith and Mahadevan, S and Nandi, Dipankar (2016) Roles of Lon protease and its substrate MarA during sodium salicylate-mediated growth reduction and antibiotic resistance in Escherichia coli. In: MICROBIOLOGY-SGM, 162 (5). pp. 764-776.

Sonowal, Robert and Nandimath, Krithi and Kulkarni, Sucheta S and Koushika, Sandhya P and Nanjundiah, Vidyanand and Mahadevan, S (2013) Hydrolysis of aromatic beta-glucosides by non-pathogenic bacteria confers a chemical weapon against predators. In: Proceedings of the Royal Society B-Biological Sciences, 280 (1762). 20130721_1-20130721_9.

Harwani, Dharmesh and Zangoui, Parisa and Mahadevan, S (2012) The beta-Glucoside (bgl) Operon of Escherichia coli Is Involved in the Regulation of oppA, Encoding an Oligopeptide Transporter. In: Journal of Bacteriology, 194 (1). pp. 90-99.

Kalyani, JN and Ramachandra, Nagaraju and Kachroo, Aashiq H and Mahadevan, S and Savithri, HS (2012) Functional Analysis of the Genes Encoding Diaminopropionate Ammonia Lyase in Escherichia coli and Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhimurium. In: JOURNAL OF BACTERIOLOGY, 194 (20). pp. 5604-5612.

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Madan, Ranjna and Kolter, Roberto and Mahadevan, S (2005) Mutations That Activate the Silent bgl Operon of Escherichia coli Confer a Growth Advantage in Stationary Phase. In: Journal of Bacteriology, 187 (23). pp. 7912-7917.

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Mahadevan, S (2002) Bacterial communication. In: Journal of Biosciences, 27 (5). pp. 443-444.

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De, Amitabha and Ramesh, V and Mahadevan, S and Nagaraja, V (1998) Mg2+ Mediated Sequence-Specific Binding of Transcriptional Activator Protein C of Bacteriophage Mu to DNA. In: Biochemistry, 37 (11). pp. 3831-3838.

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Editorials/Short Communications

Mahadevan, S (2008) The plagiarism menace. In: Current Science, 94 (5). p. 553.

Subramaniam, K and Mahadevan, S (1994) The cDNA sequence of cytochrome b5 associated with cytokinin-induced haustoria formation in Cuscuta reflexa. In: Gene, 149 (2). 375-376 .

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