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Conference Proceedings

Rao, Rashmi B and Bhat, Navakanta and Sikdar, SK (2014) Thick PECVD Germanium films for MEMS Application. In: 17th International Workshop on the Physics of Semiconductor Devices (IWPSD, DEC 10-14, 2013, Noida, INDIA, pp. 469-471.

Journal Article

Sah, N and Rajput, SK and Singh, JN and Meena, CL and Jain, R and Sikdar, SK and Sharma, SS (2011) l-pGlu-(2-propyl)-l-His-l-ProNH2 attenuates 4-aminopyridine-induced epileptiform activity and sodium current: a possible action of new thyrotropin-releasing hormone analog for its anticonvulsant potential. In: Neuroscience, 199 . pp. 74-85.

Nayak, Tapan K and Harinath, S and Nama, S and Somasundaram, K and Sikdar, SK (2009) Inhibition of Human Two-Pore Domain K+ Channel TREK1 by Local Anesthetic Lidocaine: Negative Cooperativity and Half-of-Sites Saturation Kinetics. In: Molecular Pharmacology, 76 (4). pp. 903-917.

Padmashri, R and Sikdar, SK (2008) Glutamate transporter blockade affects $Ca^{2+}$ responses in astrocytes. In: Neuroscience, 151 (1). pp. 56-62.

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Sabareesh, V and Gowd, Hanumae K and Ramasamy, P and Sudarslal, S and Krishnan, KS and Sikdar, SK and Balaram, P (2006) Characterization of contryphans from Conus loroisii and Conus amadis that target calcium channels. In: Peptides, 27 (11). pp. 2647-2654.

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Sudarslal, S and Majumdar, Sriparna and Ramasamy, P and Dhawan, Ritu and Pal, Prajna P and Ramaswami, Mani and Lala, Anil K and Sikdar, SK and Sarma, Siddhartha P and Krishnan, KS and Balaram, P (2003) Sodium channel modulating activity in a delta-conotoxin from an Indian marine snail. In: FEBS Letters, 553 (1-2). pp. 209-212.

Ramesh, J and Ghosh, JK and Swaminathan, CP and Ramasamy, P and Surolia, A and Sikdar, SK and Easwaran, KRK (2003) Studies on the aggregation and possible channel formation in membranes of a cyclic hexapeptide, cyclo $(d-Ala-l-Pro-l-Ala)_2$. In: Journal of Peptide Research, 61 (2). pp. 63-70.

Ghatpande, AS and Rao, S and Sikdar, SK (2001) Tetrapentylammonium block of chloramine-T and veratridine modified rat brain type iia sodium channels. In: British Journal of Pharmacology, 132 (8). pp. 1755-1760.

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Editorials/Short Communications


Stenovec, M and Chowdhury, HH and Sikdar, SK and Kreft, M and Milisav, I and Krzan, M and Zorec, R (2003) Regulated exocytosis studied by confocal microscopy. In: Biophysical Journal, 84 (2). 210A-210A.

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Sikdar, SK (1991) Light on vision and movement An obituary of R.A.Granit. In: Current Science (Bangalore), 60 (11). pp. 663-664.

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