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Conference Paper

Chanakya, HN and Somashekar, HI and Nanjundappa, P and Dasappa, S and Shrinivasa, U and Mukunda, HS (1997) Biomass gasifiers: A boon to semi-arid agriculture. In: International Conference on Biomass Energy Systems, Feb 26-27, 1996, New Delhi, India.

Journal Article

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Anantharamaiah, KR and Viallefond, F and Mohan, Niruj R and Goss, WM and Zhao, JH (2000) Starburst in the Ultra-luminous Galaxy Arp 220 -Constraints from Observations of Radio Recombination Lines and Continuum. In: Astrophysical Journal, 537 (02). pp. 613-630.

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Shivananju, BN and Prashanth, GR and Asokan, S and Varma, Manoj M (2014) Reversible and irreversible pH induced conformational changes in self-assembled weak polyelectrolyte multilayers probed using etched fiber Bragg grating sensors. In: SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL, 201 . pp. 37-45.

Singh, Jagdev and Hasan, SS and Gupta, GR and Banerjee, D and Muneer, S and Raju, KP and Bagare, SP and Srinivasan, R (2009) Intensity Oscillation in the Corona as Observed during the Total Solar Eclipse of 29 March 2006. In: Solar physics, 260 (1). pp. 125-134.

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