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Kumara, Kirana P (2015) A literature survey on the real-time computational simulation of biological organs. [Preprint]

Kumara, Kirana P (2015) Simulations using meshfree methods. [Preprint] (Unpublished)

Kumara, Kirana P (2014) A study of the speed and the accuracy of the Boundary Element Method as applied to the computational simulation of biological organs. [Preprint] (Unpublished)

Poorna, Rajas (2014) An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of a Charged Bilayered Conducting Fine Mesh as a Dust Filter. [Preprint] (Unpublished)

Kumara P, Kirana (2014) Codes for solving three dimensional linear elastostatic problems using constant boundary elements while ignoring body forces. [Preprint]

Kumar, Abhishek and Maitra, Ananyo and Sumit, Madhuresh and Ramaswamy, Sriram and Shivashankar, G (2013) Acto-myosin contractility rotates the cell nucleus. [Preprint] (Unpublished)

Ananthanarayan, B and Patra, Monalisa and Poulose, P (2011) Signals of additional Z ` boson in e(+)e(-) -> W+W- at the ILC with polarized beams. [Preprint]

Karanam, Venkata Mangaraju and Chatterjee, Anindya and Ghosal, Ashitava (2011) Procedural aspects of modeling the dynamics of a three wheeled vehicle using ADAMS-CAR. [Preprint] (Unpublished)

Kumara, Kirana P (2011) Reconstructing Solid Model from 2D Scanned Images of Biological Organs for Finite Element Simulation. [Preprint] (Unpublished)

Banerjee, Tamal (2009) Limit laws for area coverage in non Boolean models. [Preprint] (Unpublished)

Karanam, Venkata Mangaraju and Chatterjee, Anindya (2008) Some procedural details of analysis using ADAMS-Motorcycle. [Preprint] (Unpublished)

Arun, KR and Lukacova, Medvidova M and Rao, Raghurama SV (2008) An application of 3-D Kinematical Conservation Laws: propagation of a three dimensional wavefront. [Preprint]

Arun, KR and Prasad, Phoolan (2007) 3-D Kinematical Conservation Laws (KCL): Equations of Evolution of a Surface. [Preprint]

Rao, Achanta Ramakrishna and Kumar, Bimlesh (2006) Friction Factor for Turbulent Pipe Flow. [Preprint]

Gururajan, MP and Abinandanan, TA (2006) Microstructural evolution in elastically inhomogeneous systems: I. A phase field formulation. [Preprint]

Gururajan, MP and Abinandanan, TA (2006) Microstructural evolution in elastically inhomogeneous systems: II. Application to rafting. [Preprint]

Nagapriya, KS and Raychaudhuri, AK and Chatterji, Dipankar (2006) Direct observation of large temperature fluctuations during DNA thermal denaturation. [Preprint]

Saha, Kanak and Jog, Chanda J (2006) Self-consistent response of a galactic disc to vertical perturbations. [Preprint]

Shekhar, S and Prasad, V and Subramanyam, SV (2006) Anomalous Efros-Shklovskii- Variable range hopping conduction in composites of polymer and iron carbide nanoparticle embedded in carbon. [Preprint]

Samui, Pijush and Kumar, Bimlesh (2006) Artificial Neural Network Prediction of Stability Numbers for Two-layered Slopes with Associated Flow Rule. [Preprint] (Unpublished)

Jose, Prasanth P and Chakrabarti, Dwaipayan and Bagchi, Biman (2005) Anomalous glassy relaxation near the isotropic-nematic phase transition. [Preprint]

Ananthanarayan, B and Shivaraj, K (2005) Comment on evidence for new interference phenomena in the decay $D^{+} ---> K^{-} \pi ^{+} \mu ^{+} \nu$. [Preprint]

Ananthanarayan, B (2005) Fundamental particles and their interactions. [Preprint]

Ananthanarayan, B and Rindani, Saurabh D (2005) New physics in e+e− -> Z\gamma with polarized beams. [Preprint]

Ananthanarayan, B and Pandita, PN (2005) Probing SO(10) symmetry breaking patterns through sfermion mass relations. [Preprint]

Godbole, RM (2005) Synergy between the LHC and the ILC. [Preprint]

Vishwakarma, PN (2005) AC Conductivity in Boron Doped Amorphous Conducting Carbon Films on the Insulating Side of MI Transition. [Preprint]

Chockalingam, SP and Sarangi, S and Bhat, SV and Oka, K and Nishihara, Y (2005) Angular dependence of direct rf power absorption studies in $Bi_{2}Sr_{2}CaCu_{2}O_{8}$ single crystals. [Preprint]

Sharma, Ajay and Sarangi, Subhasis and Bhat, SV (2005) Anomalous spin dynamics in charge ordered, "two-electron" doped manganite Ca0.9Ce0.1MnO3 : consequence of a spin-liquid phase? [Preprint]

Senthil, T and Fisher, Matthew PA (2005) Competing orders, non-linear sigma models, and topological terms in quantum magnets. [Preprint]

Rao, SS and Sarangi, Subhasis and Venkataiah, G and Reddy, Venu Gopala and Bhat, SV (2005) Electron magnetic resonance studies of nanomanganite $Nd_0_._6_7Sr_0_._3_3MnO_3$. [Preprint]

Sarangi, S and Chockalingam, SP and Mavinkurve, Raghav G and Bhat, SV and Kumar, N (2005) Equipartition of Current in Parallel Conductors on Cooling Through the Superconducting Transition. [Preprint]

Sinha, KP (2005) High Temperature Superconductivity In $Pd-[H(D)]_X$ System. [Preprint]

Chaudhuri, Pinaki and Das, Chinmay and Dasgupta, Chandan and Krishnamurthy, HR and Sood, AK (2005) Laser induced reentrant freezing in two-dimensional attractive colloidal systems. [Preprint]

Vishwakarma, PN and Subramanyam, SV (2005) M-I Transition in a-Conducting Carbon Films Induced by Boron Doping. [Preprint]

Bansal, Bhavtosh and Venkataraman, V (2005) Magnetic field induced band depopulation in intrinsic InSb: A revisit. [Preprint]

Raghunathan, Rajamani and Ramasesha, S and Mathoniere, Corine and Marvaud, Valerie (2005) Microscopic Model for Photoinduced Magnetism in the Molecular Complex $[Mo(IV )(CN)_2(CN-CuL)_6]^8^+$ Perchlorate. [Preprint]

Chandra, Ravi V and Rao, Sumathi and Sen, Diptiman (2005) New fixed point for Kondo spin coupled to a junction of Luttinger liquids. [Preprint]

Narayan, Vijay and Menon, Narayanan and Ramaswamy, Sriram (2005) Nonequilibrium steady states in a vibrated-rod monolayer : tetratic, nematic, and smectic correlations. [Preprint]

Puthenveettil, Baburaj A and Arakeri, Jaywant H (2005) Plume structure in high Rayleigh number convection. [Preprint]

Natarajan, Vasant (2005) Proposed search for an electric-dipole moment using laser-cooled $^1^7^1Yb$ atoms. [Preprint] (Unpublished)

Maiti, Kalobaran and Manju, U and Ray, Sugata and Mahadevan, Priya and Inoue, IH and Carbone, C and Sarma, DD (2005) Understanding the bulk electronic structure of $Ca_1_xSr_xVO_3$. [Preprint]

Jog, Chanda J (2005) Vertical Distribution of Stars and Gas in a Galactic Disk. [Preprint]

Pasupathy, J and Singh, JP and Singh, RK and Upadhyay, A (2005) The derivative of the topological susceptibility at zero momentum and an estimate of $\eta^1$ mass in the chiral limit. [Preprint]

Yadav, VK and Lakshmi, G and Medhamurthy, R (2004) Prostaglandin $F_2_a$-mediated activation of apoptotic signaling cascades in the corpus luteum during apoptosis: Involvement of caspase activated DNase. [Preprint]

Bhattacharyya, Tirthankar and Mohandas, JP (2004) Two parameter uniformly elliptic Sturm-Liouville problems with eigenparameter dependent boundary conditions. [Preprint]

Chakraborty, Aniruddha (2004) Curve Crossing Problems: Analytically solvable model. [Preprint]

Mukherjee, Arnab and Bagchi, Biman (2004) Rotational friction on small globular proteins: Combined dielectric and hydrodynamic effect. [Preprint]

Bansal, Bhavtosh and Venkataraman, V (2004) Scattering of Carriers by Charged Dislocations in Semiconductors. [Preprint]

Bhide, Shreyas Y and Ghosh, Debashree and Yashonath, S and Ananthakrishna, G (2004) Diffusive and Superdiffusive Motion of Sorbates in Carbon Nanotubes. [Preprint]

Allanach, BC and Aranda, A and Baer, H and Balazs, C and Battaglia, M and Belanger, G and Boudjema, F and Desch, K and Diaz-Cruz, JL and Dittmar, M and Djouadi, A and Dewhirst, G and Dominici, D and Escalier, M and Fano, L and Ferrag, S and Gascon-Shotkin, S and Gennai, S and Godbole, R and Guasch, J and Guchait, M and Gunion, J and Heinemeyer, S and Hewett, J and Kalinowski, J and Kawagoe, K and Kilian, W and Kneur, JL and Kraml, S and Lafaye, R and Laforge, B and Lester, CG and Mazumdar, K and Mambrini, Y and Moortgat, F and Moortgat-Pick, G and Moretti, S and Muhlleitner, M and Nicollerat, AS and Nikitenko, A and Nojiri, M and Plehn, T and Polesello, G and Porod, W and Prieur, D and Pukhov, A and Ravat, O and Richardson, P and Rizzo, TG and De Roeck, A and Schumann, S and Skands, P and Slavich, P and Spira, M and Spiropoulu, M and Sridhar, K and Tovey, DR and Weiglein, G and Wells, JD and Zerwas, D (2004) Les Houches "Physics at TeV Colliders 2003" Beyond the Standard Model Working Group: Summary Report. [Preprint]

Sreekala, S and Ahluwalia, Rajeev and Ananthakrishna, G (2004) A simple model for some unusual properties of martensitic transformation. [Preprint]

Godbole, RM and Kraml, S and Krawczyk, M and Miller, DJ and Niezurawski, P and Zarnecki, AF (2004) CP Studies of the Higgs Sector: A contribution to the LHC/LC Study Group document. [Preprint]

Gopinath, T and Das, Ranabir and Kumar, Anil (2004) Quantum Information processing by NMR:Implementation of Inversion-on-equality gate, Parity gate and Fanout gate. [Preprint]

Ananthanarayan, B and Rindani, Saurabh D and Singh, Ritesh K and Bartl, A (2004) Transverse beam polarization and CP-violating triple-gauge-boson couplings in e+e- -> gamma Z. [Preprint]

Bournaud, Frederic and Combes, Francoise and Jog, Chanda J (2004) Unequal-mass galaxy merger remnants: spiral-like morphology but elliptical-like kinematics. [Preprint]

Jose, Prasanth P and Bagchi, Biman (2004) Relaxation in open one-dimensional systems. [Preprint]

Chandra, Poonam and Ray, Alak and Bhatnagar, Sanjay (2004) Synchrotron aging and the radio spectrum of SN 1993J. [Preprint]

Ghosh, Arindam and Kar, Swastik and Bid, Aveek and Raychaudhuri, AK (2004) A set-up for measurement of low frequency conductance fluctuation (noise) using digital signal processing techniques. [Preprint]

Sundaram, Shanmugha GA and Subramanian, KR (2004) Spectrum of Solar Type I Continuum Noise Storm in the 50 - 80 MHz band, and Plasma characteristics in the associated source region. [Preprint]

Sarma, DD and Topwal, Dinesh and Manju, U (2004) Direct observation of electronic domains in manganites by spatially resolved spectroscopy. [Preprint]

Bhat, Shrivalli N and Sharma, Ajay and Bhat, SV (2004) Vitrification and glass transition of water:insights from spin probe ESR. [Preprint]

Ray, Sugata and Sarma, DD (2004) An interesting magnetoresistive system:$Sr_2FeMoO_6$. [Preprint]

Pasupathy, J and Singh, Ritesh K (2003) Axial Vector Current Matrix Elements and QCD Sum Rules. [Preprint]

Basu-Mallick, B and Bhattacharyya, Tanaya and Sen, Diptiman (2003) Construction of some special subsequences within a Farey sequence. [Preprint]

Chandra, Ravi V (2003) The Antiferromagnetic Sawtooth Lattice - the study of a two spin variant. [Preprint]

Godbole, RM (2003) CP property of the Higgs at the \gamma \gamma colliders using $t \bar t$ production. [Preprint]

Chandra, P and Ray, A and Bhatnagar, S (2003) Low frequency observations of SN 1993J with Giant Meterwave Radio Telescope. [Preprint]

Ray, A and Chandra, P and Sutaria, F and Bhatnagar, S (2003) Low frequency radio and X-ray properties of core-collapse supernovae. [Preprint]

Sarma, DD and Ray, Sugata and Tanaka, K and Fujimori, A (2003) On the origin of magnetoresistance in $Sr_2FeMoO_6$. [Preprint]

Choudhuri, Arnab Rai and Konar, Sushan (2003) Why do millisecond pulsars have weaker magnetic fields compared to ordinary pulsars? [Preprint]

Bhattacharyya, Rangeet and Kumar, Anil (2003) A fast method for the measurement of long spin-lattice relaxation times by Single Scan Inversion Recovery experiment. [Preprint]

Pandey, SB and Sahu, DK and Resmi, L and Sagar, R and Anupama, GC and Bhattacharya, D and Mohan, V and Prabhu, TP and Bhatt, BC and Pandey, JC and Parihar, Padmaker and Castro-Tirado, AJ (2003) Optical observations of the bright long duration peculiar GRB 021004 afterglow. [Preprint]

Ananthanarayan, B and Rindani, Saurabh D (2003) CP violation at a linear collider with transverse polarization. [Preprint]

Padmanabhan, T and Patel, Apoorva (2003) Role of Horizons in Semiclassical Gravity: Entropy and the Area Spectrum. [Preprint]

Patel, Apoorva D and Ratabole, Raghunath (2003) A Transverse Lattice QCD Model for Mesons. [Preprint]

Basu-Mallick, B and Bhattacharyya, Tanaya and Sen, Diptiman (2003) Novel multi-band quantum soliton states for a derivative nonlinear Schrodinger model. [Preprint]

Basu-Mallick, B and Bhattacharyya, Tanaya and Sen, Diptiman (2003) Bound and anti-bound soliton states for a quantum integrable derivative nonlinear Schrodinger model. [Preprint]

Padmanabhan, T and Patel, Apoorva (2003) Semiclassical quantization of gravity I: Entropy of horizons and the area spectrum. [Preprint]

Ananthanarayan, B (2003) Review of chiral perturbation theory. [Preprint]

Kumar, Senthil S (2003) Recent Trends in Partial Discharge Measurement and Analysis. [Preprint]

Minj, Suvarsha and Rajashekar, TB (2003) Mapping of two schemes of classification for software classification. [Preprint]

Konar, Sushan and Choudhuri, Arnab Rai (2002) Diamagnetic Screening of the Magnetic Field in Accreting Neutron Stars. [Preprint]

Godbole, RM and Rindani, SD and Singh, RK (2002) Probing the CP of the Higgs at a $\gamma \gamma$ collider using $\gamma \gamma \to t \bar t \to lX$. [Preprint]

Ananthanarayan, B (2002) The Nobel Prize in Physics 2002 for the observation of cosmic neutrinos. [Preprint]

Ananthanarayan, B and Singh, Ritesh K (2002) Research News : Direct observation of neutrino oscillations at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory. [Preprint]

Godbole, Rohini M and Rindani, Saurabh D and Singh, Ritesh K (2002) Study of CP Property of the Higgs at a Photon Collider using $\gamma\gamma\to t\bar t\to l X $. [Preprint]

Sutaria, FK and Chandra, P and Bhatnagar, S and Ray, A (2002) The nature of the prompt X-ray and radio emission from SN2002ap. [Preprint]

Bhattacharyya, Tirthankar (2002) Dilation of contractive tuples : a survey. [Preprint]

Jog, Chanda J and Chitre, Aparna (2002) Spiral-like Light Profiles but Elliptical-like Kinematics in Mergers of Galaxies. [Preprint]

Jog, Chanda J (2002) Large-Scale Asymmetry of Rotation Curves in Lopsided Spiral Galaxies. [Preprint]

Choudhury, Debajyoti and Godbole, Rohini M and Polesello, Giacomo (2002) Measuring R-parity-violating couplings in dilepton production at the LHC. [Preprint]

Narayan, Chaitra A and Jog, Chanda J (2002) Origin of Radially Increasing Stellar Scaleheight in a Galactic Disk. [Preprint]

Ananthanarayan, B and Moussallam, B (2002) Electromagnetic corrections in the anomaly sector. [Preprint]

Godbole, Rohini M (2002) Physics Potential of the Next Generation Colliders. [Preprint]

Godbole, RM and Grau, A and Pancheri, G and Srivastava, YN (2002) Soft Gluons and the Energy Dependence of Total Cross Sections. [Preprint]

Godbole, RM and Grau, A and Pancheri, G (2002) Total Cross-sections. [Preprint]

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Ananthanarayan, B and Rindani, Saurabh D and Stahl, Achim (2002) CP-Violation in the Production of Tau-Leptons at TESLA with Beam Polarization. [Preprint]

Chaturvedi, S and Mukunda, N (2002) The Schwinger SU(3) Construction - II: Relations between Heisenberg-Weyl and SU(3) Coherent States. [Preprint]

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Das, Souvik and Narayan, Onuttom and Ramaswamy, Sriram (2002) A ratchet for heat transport between identical reservoirs. [Preprint]

Saravanabharathi, D and Nethaji, M and Samuelson, AG (2001) The First Bis Phosphine monoxide (BPMO) Complexes of Copper(I). [Preprint] (Unpublished)

Patel, Apoorva D (2001) Mesons in Transverse Lattice QCD at Strong Coupling and Large-N. [Preprint]

Abe, Koh (2001) Particle Physics Experiments at JLC. [Preprint]

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Abe, T (2001) Linear Collider Physics Resource Book for Snowmass 2001 - Part 2: Higgs and Supersymmetry Studies. [Preprint]

Abe, T (2001) Linear Collider Physics Resource Book for Snowmass 2001 - Part 3: Studies of Exotic and Standard Model Physics. [Preprint]

Abe, T (2001) Linear Collider Physics Resource Book for Snowmass 2001 - Part 4: Theoretical, Accelerator, and Experimental Options. [Preprint]

Abe, T (2001) Linear Collider Physics Resource Book for Snowmass 2001-Part 1: Introduction. [Preprint]

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Godbole, Rohini M and Grau, A and Pancheri, G (2001) Total Photonic and Hadronic Cross-sections. [Preprint]

Godbole, Rohini M and Pancheri, G (2001) $\sigma^{tot}_{ee \gamma \gamma}$ at $e^+e^-$ colliders. [Preprint]

Godbole, Rohini M and Pancheri, G (2001) $\gamma \gamma$ cross-sections and $\gamma \gamma$ colliders. [Preprint]

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